Why Windsock Decoys are the Best for Snow Geese

Do you want to bag more snow geese?


Here are 4 reasons why windsock decoys are the best for snow geese.


Why Windsock Decoys are the Best for Snow Geese


1) Attention Grabbing Movement

Snow geese are incredibly aggressive feeders so it is important to replicate this behavior with your decoy spread. If you have ever seen a field full of snow geese then you know how much movement these flocks make as they feed.


Windsock decoys provide incredible motion as they bounce back and fourth in the wind giving you the motion that you need.


Sure, some full body decoys have motion bases or motion stakes but most do not come anywhere close to providing the amount of movement that windsock decoys can provide.


2) Cost Effective

Lets face it, decoys are expensive!  In order to pull in snow geese many hunters use several hundred to several thousand decoys.  This is because snow geese are regularly travel in flocks of several thousand birds.


Trying to build a snow goose decoy spread with full body decoys or even shell decoys would be extremely expensive.  However, with windsock decoys the becomes somewhat more manageable.


Right now you can get the DecoyPro 3D headed snow goose decoys for just $69/dozen with free shipping.  For those looking to start or expand their snow goose decoy spread these would be a great way to do it affordably.


Click here to get your $79/Dozen windsock decoys.


3) Incredible Realism

Snow geese are extremely wary birds so you will want to ensure that you have realistic decoys to fool them. One of the concepts with windsock decoys is that they will fill up with air making them look full and similar in appearance to full body decoys from above.


In fact, some styles of windsock decoys for snow geese will have a 3D head which adds an extra level of realism compared to the headless versions.  Now this does not mean that headless windsock decoys will not work as there are many hunters that have good success with headless versions.


However, if you have the budget to get the headed versions it is a great way to add some added realism to your decoy spread.  I mean, why not do everything you can to fool these wary birds!


4) Transportation & Storage

Even if you can find the budget for a huge spread of full body snow goose decoys then you would still need to figure out storage and transportation to make it work. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the space and budget full body decoys are sweet.


However, a lot of guys simply do not have the storage space for huge quantities of full body decoys.   This is where windsock decoys come in very handy.


With most styles of windsock decoys You can topically store several hundred in a storage tote or decoy bag.  Plus the weight to carry several dozen windsock decoys is much more manageable compared to lugging full body decoys around.


Also, some styles of windsock decoys have a collapsible backbone which can even make storage and transportation even easier.  The collapsable backbone style of windsock decoys allows the backbone to fold down which reduces the amount of space needed to store and transport these decoys.



You can get the DecoyPro 3D head snow goose windsock decoys for $69/dozen with free shipping by clicking here.


Watch The DecoyPro $69/Dozen WindSock Decoys In Action