Will Geese Land Near Standing Corn?

Have you ever wondered how close geese will land near standing corn?


If you are going to be hunting geese it is important to understand how close geese will land near standing corn or other crops.


The first thing to know is that geese will not land in standing corn.  In fact, they don’t even like to land in corn that has been cut but the stalks are still more than a foot or two tall.

Two Reasons Why Geese Do Not Land in Standing Corn

  • Wings would hit the corn
  • Cannot see predators


First, their wings would hit the corn stalks as they are landing and moving about in the field.  This is simply something that they do not like.


Second, the tall corn provides cover for predators.  Geese typically land in the middle of cut and open fields because they can watch out for any approaching predators and fly off before any danger.  With the corn being tall or landing next to corn they do not have this advantage to see predators.

So how close will geese land to corn?

The closest you will typically see geese land from standing corn is about 20-30 yards.  Again, this is so they can see approaching predators.


Although geese will not land in standing corn, it does not mean that you cannot have success hunting geese when you are in the standing corn.  Actually, hunting from a field that has some of the standing corn cut down but still has some standing rows is one of the best places to hunt geese from.


This is because the standing corn provides excellent cover for you as a hunter to use as a natural blind.  You can stand about 3-4 rows deep in the corn and set your decoys up in front of the corn.


Set your decoys starting about 20 yards out from the corn with the opening of your spread slightly in front of that.  This would leave your “shooting zone” at 25-30 yards, well within effective goose shooting distance.


I hope this answers your question “will geese land near standing corn”.  If you have more questions fee free to reach out to me via the contact page.


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