Why Paint Decoys?

Why should I paint decoys?

If you are like me and you enjoy hunting ducks and geese and the amount of decoys you have is important to you than there are few reasons why you should paint your duck and goose decoys.


  • It can be a huge financial savings
  • It can be personally satisfying to use decoys that you have painted on your own
  • There are lots of resources to help you.


For many outdoor enthusiasts we truly love hunting but there is always the challenge of funding your hobby.  The costs can quickly add up with guns, clothing, gas, shells and decoys.  As a husband and father finding the extra money for all of these expenses is often times difficult.  However, by painting decoys yourself you can significantly save money.


How to paint goose and duck decoysThe first way painting decoys yourself saves money is you can refresh your current decoys.  For example, a few goose decoys can easily cost several hundred dollars.  I mean, full body decoys often cost $200+ for a six pack.  So if you take the time and minimal investment to refresh your decoys you can reduce your expenditure on decoys significantly.


The second way that painting duck and goose decoys saves you money is that you can add to your spread by purchasing used or cheap decoys and bringing them back to life.  When I first started my decoy spread I got a great deal on over 20 shell decoys for less than $60.  However, the decoys had seen their better days but I saw their potential.  It did take some time to paint them but I really got a nice decoy spread to get started for a very minimal investment.


I also find it personally satisfying to use decoys that I have painted.  Just think about the first time that you were goose hunting or duck hunting and you had birds lock into your spread.  There was something personally satisfying that you were able to trick the birds to want to land in your decoys.  This satisfaction is greatly increased when you have painted those decoys.


Finally, there are plenty of resources to help you with painting your decoys.  Checkout my easy to understand step-by-step video here.  I think that you will be surprised on how easy it can be to accomplish this task, especially with these resources.