Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys

One downside to snow goose hunting is that it can all for a ton of decoys.  As you likely know already, decoys are expensive so having 1,000 or more decoys is not always feasible.  Now you may be wondering if it is possible to hunt snow geese without decoys.  The good news is that hunting snow geese without decoys can be done but it will take some work to have a successful hunt.


Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys

Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys
Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys


Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys

  • Find the exact spot where the snow geese are feeding
  • Conceal yourself with a Tree line, fence line or laying down cover
  • Jump Hunting


Find The Exact Spot Where Snow Geese Are Feeding

With snow goose hunting the single largest factor in having a successful hunt, regardless of decoy spread size, is the location you are hunting. Once snow geese are in their migration you are going to have to work hard to scout them out and find their feeding spots.  In a single day snow geese can migrate an incredible amount of distance which means hunting conditions change drastically in just a day or two.


For example, you may find a field plump full of snow geese when you are scouting on a Wednesday but when the weekend comes around the snow geese may have moved already.  This is why spending time scouting is so important.  Let’s face it, if you are not where the snow geese are the size of your decoy spread will not really matter.


Find Cover with A Fence line, Tree line or Laying in the Field

Having plenty of cover is essential to any type of waterfowl hunting, especially for snow goose hunting as snow geese are extremely wary.  When you use decoys you are able to place decoys around your hunting blinds to help keep concealed from sight.  However, without decoys you will need to get a little more creative.
One option for concealment will be to sit along a fence line where snow geese have been flying over.  You can sit tight against the fence and as the snow geese come by you can pop up and make your shots.  You can also use a similar approach and sit under a tree line.  However, with a tree line it may be more challenging as the trees may be higher so placing shots that are within effective killing distance can be harder.  This will of course depend your exact hunting situation.
Yet another option is to actually lay in the field where the snow geese were landing.  As long as you are ok with getting dirty and being uncomfortable this might actually be the best way.  However, the thing you really need to be aware of when doing this is to use really good camouflage.  There is white camo patterned clothes you can buy and then you can simply lay right were the geese land.  Another option is to grab a white sheet and use that to cover yourself  in the snow.  One more option would be to grab some of the downed corn stalks or whatever type of crops the field you are hunting had and pile it over yourself.


Jump Hunting

One more way that you can hunt snow geese without decoys is to jump hunt them.  With jump hunting you are not actually waiting in the field for the snow geese to come but rather you are out driving around and looking for flocks of snow geese feeding in fields.  Then, if you can get permission to hunt these fields you sprint out into the field and shoot as many snow geese as you can before the flock flies away.


For this method to be effective you want to try and stay concealed as long as possible as you approach the flock.  An example could be a nearby road ditch or tree line.  Use these objects to stay concealed and prepare yourself for the jump hunt.  When everyone in your party is ready you head out to the field and start shooting the snow geese.  Sometimes people even crawl on the ground to get much closer to the geese before opening fire.


One thing I want to mention about jump hunting is safety.  You need to be aware of where each of your hunting partners are as you head into the field and be very careful as you move quickly holding your gun.


Final Thoughts: Snow Goose Hunting Without Decoys: How to Hunt Snow Goose Hunt Without Decoys

Even if you do not have snow goose decoys you do not have to give up on the thought of bagging some snow geese.  If you are willing to spend time scouting out the flocks and find a great feeding spot then you can use cover to conceal yourself when the geese come to feed.  Also, jump hunting can be another fun way to bag snow geese when you want to hunt a field where currently feeding.  Regardless of what you chose be sure to pay attention to safety and have an enjoyable time.


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