Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread

Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread

Snow goose hunting over water can be a great way to bag a whole bunch of snow geese.  This snow goose water spread is a great way to pull tornados of snow geese into your decoy spread.  The spread is particularly useful for migrating birds that are looking for water to rest and rehydrate as well as areas where snow geese have already been resting.  Let’s take a further look at this snow goose water spread.


Example of Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread:

Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread
Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread


Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread

  • Works well hunting large water and flooded fields
  • Utilize floating and field decoys
  • Decoys along shoreline facing away from water
  • Supports multiple hunters


Works well hunting large water and flooded fields

This example of a snow goose decoy spread for water works particularly well when hunting large bodies of water, ponds and flooded sections of fields.  It is a great way to utilize a combination of both the water and land and bag a lot of snow geese because snow geese will look for open water when migrating or when looking for a resting spot.


Utilize Floating and Field Decoys

Since this snow goose hunting spread works for water and field you will want to use both floating and field decoys to make up the spread.  The first part of the spread consists of several decoys in the water.  The type of decoy that you use will depend on how deep the water is.  Deep water will call for floating goose decoys while water that is a foot or so deep could allow for the use use of full body snow goose decoys or even windsock snow goose decoys.


The decoys that you utilize outside of the water can be any type including full body, silhouette, windsock and shell decoys.  Adding to the level of realism with this spread can be done by incorporating some sleeping shell decoys near the shoreline as this is a common resting area for snow geese.  Simply place the shell decoys facing several different areas in a few different sleeping groups and you will be set.


Decoys Along Shoreline Facing Away From Water

Another tip you can implement is facing the decoys that are on the shoreline into the field.  Snow geese are incredibly aggressive birds and they want to be right where the feed is going on.  By facing the snow goose decoys on the shoreline to the land it will create a look like they are heading to feed.  This can in turn drive the approaching snow geese to head further upwind of the shoreline for landing and that will play in perfectly with the position of your hunting blind.


Supports Multiple Hunters

One more benefit of this type of snow goose hunting spread is that it will support multiple hunters.  Regardless if you are using layout blinds or a pit blind you will have the ability to conceal yourself well and keep out of the sight of approaching snow geese by using your surroundings.


As you begin to setup this spread make sure you step back and really examine the area you are hunting and what there is around for concealment.  In basically any field or shoreline there are going to be some areas that have heavier concealment opportunities compared to the rest.  For example, there will be areas where the vegetation is higher than other places or a lower spot where blinds could easily blend in.  Regardless of what it is, make sure you find those natural areas and use them to stay out of sight of the wary snow geese.


Final Thoughts: Snow Goose Hunting Over Water: Snow Goose Water Spread

Hopefully the snow goose hunting over water decoy spread is useful to you as you plan your next snow goose hunting trip.  Use this spread as a starting point and see what works for you and the location you are hunting.  Sometimes you will notice the snow geese behave slightly different than you anticipated but when you pay close attention you can make quick adjustments to improve your success.  Good luck hunting!


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