Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners

There are 3 main snow goose hunting tips for beginners that are learning how to snow goose hunt that we will cover in this post.  It is common for people getting into the sport of snow goose hunting to get confused and discouraged as they struggle for success.  With these snow goose hunting tips for beginners you will quickly be able to improve your chances of bagging snow geese.


Example of Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners:

Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners
Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners


Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners:

  • Location is Key
  • Concealment must be great
  • Using the Wind to Your Advantage



Location is Key

Before you get to excited about decoys, hunting gear, electronic snow goose calls, fancy guns and all of the other things you can use for snow goose hunting you first have to understand that location is key.  You see, you must be in a place where snow geese want to be in order to have a chance to shoot them.  For example, if there is a field or pond where you often see snow geese it should be obvious that those could be excellent snow goose hunting locations.


However, if you never see snow geese in that body of water or in a particular field the chances of you having success there is pretty limited.  The one exception is when snow geese are often passing by that location to go from one spot to another or while migrating.  That is, if you see snow geese fly over that spot you can have an opportunity to lure them in with decoys.


How do you know where snow geese will be?  This is the key part in identifying a location to snow geese hunt is to find where they will be.  The best way to do this is to spend a lot of time scouting.  Scouting is when you are out driving around and actively looking for places where snow geese are.  The snow goose hunters who have the most success often spend many hours driving around and to find locations for each of their hunts.


You also need to be aware that the situation can change quickly from one day to the next.  Depending on weather the snow geese may stay put for a few days or they may move on with their migration if the temperatures and conditions allow.  It is important to scout in advance to see where the snow geese are but also return to that spot the day before your hunt to see if the snow geese are still using that spot for feeding.


Concealment Must Be Great

Another key ingredient in having snow goose hunting success is being well concealed.  What I mean is that you must ensure that you are completely out of the sight of approaching snow geese otherwise they will get scared off and you will likely never get any shooting opportunities in.


There are many ways you can conceal yourself and the first part of concealment is wearing camouflage.  In pretty much every case when you are snow goose hunting you will want to have camouflage from head to toe to reduce being spotted by snow geese.  Often times you will be wearing white camoflauge as you are usually in fields with snow so you want to blend in.  However, if you are using a layout blind, pit blind or other blind system you will likely be mostly out of the sight of snow geese but to ensure you are not spotted it is best to wear camouflage.


Also, you will want to pay attention to how you are hiding yourself from snow geese.  What I mean is you can use a blind as I mentioned before like a layout blind, boat blind or pit blind.  Additionally, you can use natural coverings to stay concealed.  Sometimes that involves hiding yourself in natural weeds along a shoreline or sitting under trees.  Just be sure that as snow geese look in your direction from above that you have taken necessary measures to blend in well with your surroundings.


Using the Wind to Your Advantage

Finally, you will want to be sure you use wind to your advantage.  Snow geese always land into the wind.  What I mean is that if the wind is blowing to the east the snow geese will land facing the east.  The best way to describe this is to look at the diagram included in this post.  As you can see the wind direction arrow is pointing to the right.  That means that the snow geese will want to land to the left, which is into the wind.


Once you grasp this key concept it can help you identify how you want to place your decoys.  In addition, you will also be able more accurately predict where the snow geese will want to land which will allow you to position yourself in a close distance to their landing zone.


Final Thoughts: Snow Goose Hunting For Beginners

As you can see there are some key elements that you must pay attention to as you learn how to snow goose hunt.  Although these snow goose hunting tips for beginners is not the complete guide to what goes into snow goose hunting, they should give you a great starting point for your snow goose hunting journey.  I hope these tips were useful for you and happy hunting!

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