Snow Goose eCaller App for iPhone and Android

Snow Goose eCaller App for iPhone and Android

Hey guys, I’m excited to share with you the snow goose eCaller app that I have put together for you.  The app works on both iPhone and Android and is super simple to use, plus it is bluetooth compatible.

Tap here to check it out on the app store: iOS Android


This is the most affordable snow goose E-Caller that you will find.  Rather than spending $300 or more on an electronic snow goose eCaller system you simply connect your phone to any bluetooth speaker you have and play the snow goose tracks to pull in flocks of snow geese.


For those of you who already own an electronic eCaller you can connect this app to your existing system using a 3.5mm cable or adaptor and play these effective audio tracks.  The soundtracks are clear, crisp, lifelike and effective.


Five 60 minute soundtracks included which allows you to set the caller and focus on snow goose hunting.


–  5 snow goose hunting soundtracks, 60 minutes each

–  Effective, realistic and clear audio to bring in wary snow geese

–  Bluetooth compatible to sync to a Bluetooth receiver in the field

–  Sounds can play in the background of your phone allowing you to text, take pictures and surf the internet without disrupting interrupting the snow goose sounds

–  60 minute soundtracks allow you to set the call and focus on hunting

–  Connect to your speaker system with audio cables (cables not included)

–  No more forgetting to grab your MP3 memory cards, you always have your phone with you

–  E-Calling audio for snow geese at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple soundtracks and memory cards separately


Soundtracks included in “SnowsPro” Snow Goose eCaller

–  Feeding Frenzy (60 Minutes)

–  Chilled Out (60 Minutes)

–  Mixed Bag (60 Minutes)

–  Huge Flock (60 Minutes)

–  Calm Before the Storm (60 Minutes)


Check the eCaller on the app store for your phone here iOS Android


Download SnowsPro and start having snow goose hunting success today!