Outdoor Spinning Wing Decoys “Mojo Decoys”

People often ask what Mojo Decoys are and if they should use them or not. Mojo decoys are also known as outdoor spinning-wing decoys. Mojo is a brand name that has become synonymous for spinning-wing decoys similar to how the brand Kleenex has become for facial tissues. However, there are many companies that make spinning-wing decoys including Mojo, Lady Luck and Flambeau etc…


The concept for spinning-wing decoys is that the spinning wings create life like motion of ducks into your spread
which helps drive attention of passing by ducks. The most common type is battery powered decoys but there are also wind powered decoys available as well. Battery powered decoys can have remote controls to turn them on and off from a distance which certainly adds a level of convenience, particularly if the decoys are in the water or a distance from our blind.

Mojo 3


Using spinning wing decoys effectively requires research regarding the regulations in your state. Many states have regulations regarding the use of spinning wing decoys. Some states ban the decoys on state land, some ban them on federal land and some ban them all together. Just be sure you are able to use them in your area before buying or using them.


Spinning-wing decoys can be effective when you put 2-4 of them in your spread. However, you do not want to overdo it either. If you have 10-20 decoys I would say 1-2 spinning wing decoys is more than sufficient. You should place the decoys right where you want to get your shooting at and then surround them with regular decoys as typically the birds will come to the spot where the spinning wing decoys are.


You will also want to pay attention to the type of ducks that you are hunting with spinning wing decoys. There are times that local ducks will catch on to these decoys and no longer land in them. If you notice ducks flaring off from these decoys you will want to remove them. However, for migrating birds they can be very effective and it will certainly help draw a higher level of visibility and attention to ducks that are flying over. Our recommendation is trying these decoys and adjusting their use based on the response you are getting from ducks. If it is working use them, if ducks are not landing in the decoys stop the use.


Be cautious if you are field hunting for geese and using spinning wing decoys. These decoys are great when hunting geese to pull in ducks as ducks do like seeing ducks and geese together. However, geese do not like the mojo decoys so ensure the decoys are off if geese are approaching. This is where the remote controlled spinning wing decoys are very handy.



One nice thing with spinning-wing decoys is that they can be excellent additions to other types of hunting outside of just duck hunting. I have seen people use these decoys very effectively to draw in droves of pigeons, often racking up over 100 decoys harvested in one day. You can experiment with doves and other birds to see how they react with the spinning wing decoys.


Hopefully your hunt with these decoys is effective and please let our viewers know if you have other tips on the effective use of spinning wing decoys.


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