How to make a snow goose electronic caller

Snow goose electronic callers are an effective way to pull in tornados of snow geese.  The problem is buying pre built snow goose electronic caller systems can be very expensive, often $300 – $500 or more.  So why not make your own for cheap?  Here is a complete guide how to make a snow goose electronic caller for cheap at home.


How to a Make Snow Goose Electronic Caller
How to a Make Snow Goose Electronic Caller






The first step in making a homemade snow goose electronic caller is to have soundtracks to play.  A very affordable way to get the audio tracks you need is to download the Electronic Snow Goose eCaller app on your phone.  It has 5 soundtracks that are 60 minutes each.  You can get the app on either Apple or Android devices by clicking on your phone type here:



Once you have the app installed you are able to play the sounds from your phone and connect it to a speaker system or amp.  The good thing is most phones have a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can use to hook to an amp and speakers.


I will discuss the amp and speaker system options later but for now it is important to know that you need a way to connect the sounds to your speaker or amp system.


To make this work all you need to get is what is called a 3.5mm Male to Female Headphone Jack Adaptor”. If you simply search “3.5mm male to female headphone jack adaptor” on Amazon or Radio Shack you will find the adaptors to hook your phone up to an amp and it will likely cost $10 or less.  To make it simple click here to see one of the options on Amazon.



Another option you have to connect your phone to play the snow goose sounds on your homemade snow goose electronic caller is by Bluetooth.  Most cell phones will have the capability to connect to other devices via Bluetooth.


All you need to do is buy what is called a “3.5mm Headphone Jack Bluetooth adaptor”.  This is a small device that plugs into the headphone input on your amp or speaker system and then you simply pair your phone with the adaptor and you can play the sounds.


The great thing about this setup is you do not need to get up out of your blind to start, pause or change the soundtracks.  This is because you will be able to do all of this from the comfort of your blind.


To find this type of adaptor search “3.5mm Headphone Jack Bluetooth adaptor” on Amazon or Radio Shack you will find some good priced options, usually around $40 or less.



Now that we have our connections figured out we will need to find some speakers to play the sounds.  As you know the conditions when snow goose hunting are often muddy, wet and dirty.  This is why it is best to get speakers that are designed to hold up to the abuse that they will get when hunting.


In general, you will want to use speakers that are labeled as “waterproof”, “outdoor use” or “marine grade.  Additionally, you will want speakers that can handle enough power coming from an amp to play the sounds loud enough for hunting.  Typically, speakers rated at 60 watts are higher can be great for this type of use.


Here are a few ideas on types of speakers to use:

1) Marine Speakers

2) Outdoor Use Speakers

3) Pool Speakers

4) DJ Speakers

5) Home Theatre Speakers

6) Car Stereo Speakers

7) PA System Speakers

8) Guitar Speakers



Once you have the speakers and the app installed then you will need an amp to power the speakers.  There are all types of amps on the market that could work for your homemade snow goose electronic caller.


The thing you will want to keep in mind is the amount of watts the amp will put out.  Typically, you should consider an amp with about 60 watts or more just to be sure that the sounds it can put out with the speakers will be loud enough for the snow geese to hear.


Here are a few ideas on amps to use:

1) Car Stereo System Amps

2) Marine Amps

3) DJ Amps

4) PA System Amps

5) Guitar Amps

6) Home Theatre Amps



Another option to try rather than buying the speakers and amps separate is to get an outdoor PA system and hook it to your phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack.  The great thing about outdoor PA systems is they usually come with 1 or 2 outdoor grade speakers as well as the amp saving you time putting it all together.


These systems can easily be found on Amazon for around $100 or even less.  Here is an example of one system that is about $95 that would work well.  You can find more options by doing a web or Amazon search “Outdoor PA Systems”.



Another option to try is to buy a high power outdoor Bluetooth system.  These systems combine the Bluetooth speaker and the amp into one unit rather than separate.  This can make transporting the system handy as you only have one unit to carry rather than several parts.


Some of these systems will allow you to connect additional speakers if you want.  This way when your budget allows you can get some more outdoor speakers and spread them out across your decoy spread for improved audio playing at the snow geese.  Click here to see an example of this type of system.


A consideration with these systems is to be sure that you get a high power audio system.  If you have a small portable Bluetooth speaker at home for playing music it is likely not going to do the trick.  So when you search for these typically try and find a system with at least 60 watts or more to be sure it will have enough power to play the snow goose soundtracks loud enough for the snow geese to hear.



As you build out your homemade snow goose electronic caller you are going to need to figure out how you will power the amp.  Additionally, if you will be on a long hunt you will need to be able to keep your phone charged for an extended length.


For your phone you will want to be sure it is fully charged before heading out hunting.  Then a great way to be sure it is ready for your full hunt is to bring a few rechargeable USB battery packs.  They are cheap, like $5 – $10 each so bringing a few should not break the bank.


Here are a few ideas on batteries to use to power your amp:

1) Marine Grade Battery

2) Car Battery

3) Deer Feeder Battery

4) Power Wheels Battery

5) Snowmobile Battery

6) Motorcycle Battery


I list all of these because they are all batteries that you might find laying around your house.  In addition, if you are buying these sometimes how the companies market the batteries you may find one type is a lower cost than the other even though it is essentially the same thing.


For example, you fay find that “deer feeder batteries” may be less than “marine batteries”, just search a bit before buying.



Now that you have put together all of the pieces of your homemade snow goose electronic caller you will likely want a good way to carry and protect your investment.


Certainly you could lay the system on the ground but with the muddy and wet conditions that you encounter when snow goose hunting it is better to get a protective case.


One of the best options to protect your homemade snow goose electronic caller is to get what is called a “utility dry box”.  Basically these are hard plastic cases that typically close shut and remain waterproof with a metal locking mechanism.  Best of all they are quite affordable like this option on amazon.


Another item to search for is an “ammo box”.  These are going to be extremely similar to the “utility dry box” but if you search for ammo box online you might find more options than what you will then searching utility dry box.  You can often find both of these at local hardware stores, hunting goods stores or home improvement stores as well.


Finally, one more option you might consider using is a “beverage cooler”.  I say this because you might already have an old beverage cooler laying around that you could use or even buy one on sale.  You could then modify the cooler in any way you want such as cutting holes for running cords.


Here are a few ideas on protective cases to use:

1) Utility Dry Boxes

2) Ammo Boxes

3) Beverage Coolers

4) Large Waterproof Hunting Blind Bags

5) Waterproof Marine Battery Case


Get the Snow Goose Electronic Caller App

Tap your phone device here for the app:



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