How to Put On Decoy Heads

When you buy brand new decoys putting on the decoy heads can be surprisingly difficult.  In fact,  on the first new decoys that I bought I thought that I was going to break the heads when I was trying to put them on the decoy bodies.  Here are the steps on how to put on decoy heads without breaking them.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Blow dryer

Step 1: First, you can try to put the decoy heads on without using any supplies.  Simply put the head onto the decoy and push down really hard and twist.  At first it can feel like you are going to break the head but in many cases the heads will go on.  However, sometimes there is extra plastic left on the insertion area or excess flocking.  If you are still having difficulties continue to step 2.


Step 2: Use the fine grain sandpaper to gently remove any excess flocking or plastic molding on the decoy head that came from the factory.


Step 3: Check the decoy body head insertion area for any excess plastic or flocking and remove with hands and fine grain sandpaper.


Step 4: Line up the decoy head with the decoy head slots on the decoy body and push down on the top of the decoy head towards the body of the decoy and turn towards the front of the decoy until the head is in the proper position.


Step 5: If you are still having difficulty getting the decoy head on you can use a blow dryer to temporarily heat up the decoy head.  Simply take a blow dryer on the high setting and heat up the tabs on the decoy head.  This makes the plastic a little softer as you turn the decoy head into the proper position.