How to Flock Goose Decoy Heads

When your decoys get used heavily each season they often get dirty.  The flocking can actually rub off from transporting to and from your favorite hunting spot.  With these steps we will show you how to flock goose decoy heads in a step by step process with no step missed.

Supplies Needed:

  • Black flock
  • Flat oil based paint- Black
  • Flat oil based paint- White
  • Small paint brush
  • Rubber tote/cardboard bo
  • Disposable/plastic gloves (optional but highly recommended)


Step 1: Clean and dry the decoy heads.


Step 2: Apply the black flat oil based paint to all black areas of the decoy head with the paint brush.  Do this by holding on to the bottom of the decoy head where it attaches to the decoy.


Step 3-5: Instantly download/view our complete FREE step-by-step instructions by clicking “download”: