How to Flock Duck Decoy Heads

Flocking the heads of duck decoys can take away any glare that your decoys may have. Additionally, flocking can wear off after hard hunting use. Let me show you how to flock duck decoy heads with these SUPER easy step by step directions step by step with no step missed. I have used these steps myself to make decoy heads look new once again.

Supplies Needed:

  • Mallard green flock
  • Hunter Green oil based paint
  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Small paint brush
  • Painters tape/masking tape
  • Flock applicator or plastic ketchup bottle
  • Rubber tote
  • Disposable/plastic gloves (optional)


Step 1: Clean and dry the decoys.


Step 2: Apply painters tape/masking tape covering the neck, beak and eye area..


Step 3-6: Instantly download/view our complete FREE step-by-step instructions by clicking “download”: