How Far Apart to Setup Goose Decoys?

Proper Distance Between Decoys

Have you ever had geese approach your spread but flare off and never commit? Have you had geese land on the sides of your decoy spread but not in the landing pocket?


If either of these situations happened to you then you might have placed your decoys to close to each other. Let me explain some tips on how far apart to setup goose decoys.


3 Tips: Distance Between Decoys & Setup:

  • Geese are big birds and need appropriate landing space
  • Larger distance between decoys makes your spread look bigger
  • It is easy to setup the appropriate distance


how far apart to setup goose decoys

Tip 1: Geese Need Landing Space

Canada goose decoy spread distanceIf you watch real geese land you will notice that they leave plenty of room between them and the next goose. Geese are large birds and need a landing zone like a large airplane.


Geese do not stop dead in their tracks when they land so they need several feed to land and settle into the ground.  They do not want their wings to touch each other when landing or taking off.


When geese are approaching your decoys they are continually scanning for a landing spot.  If your decoys are too close together they will not feel like they have enough room to land comfortably causing them to land on the outsides of your spread or not landing at all.


Tip 2: Space Between Decoys Makes Spreads Look Bigger

Many goose hunters desire more and more decoys to make their decoy spreads bigger.  However, they commonly set their decoys too close to each other which defeats the intent of getting more decoys.


Before adding to your decoy spread, first try spacing your decoys farther apart.  This will likely add to your hunting success and save you some money as you may find out what you have for decoys is sufficient to pull geese in.


Tip 3: How to Setup Decoys at the Right Distance

The next time you setup your goose decoys make sure you set them at least 5-8 feet apart. To do this set one decoy down and take 2-3 large steps before setting up the next decoy.  With each large step you will go about 3 feet so 2-3 steps should give a good distance between your decoys.


By placing your decoys about 5-8 feet apart from each other so the geese should not feel crowded when they come to land in your spread.


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