What is Goose Hunting the X?

What Is The X, goose hunting the x

What is Goose Hunting the X?

What is Goose Hunting the X ?  If you are new to goose you may hear terms from other hunters that you are not familiar with yet.  That’s ok because when you take on learning anything new there is a learning curve and with goose hunting it is no different.   One of those terms that you will hear often is goose hunting the X.

So what is goose hunting the X?  Well, it is actually a pretty easy answer and it is the exact spot that geese want to be.  For example, if you were checking out places for goose hunting and you always see geese in the same field, that exact spot is called the “X”.


The X is the absolute best spot to hunt for geese if you can get permission to hunt there.  That is because geese often feed in the same spot for several days, if not longer, until they have eaten all of the available food.  This is why taking time to scout for geese is so important so that you can find the X and have a great hunt.  Learn more about scouting by clicking here to see the complete article on scouting.


How long will geese stay on that spot?  Again this really depends but it can sometimes be a week or more as long as there is plenty of food.  So what I recommend is if you see geese in a field in the evening, it is very likely that they will return to that same spot the next morning to feed again.


However, sometimes they will feed at different spots in the morning compared to the evening.  So if you plan on goose hunting in the morning you may want to spend your time scouting in the morning to see where the geese are at.  That way you can go to that exact same spot the next morning and you should have a great opportunity to bag some geese.


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