Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River

Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River

Duck hunting rivers can provide some great results and an enjoyable hunt.  Ducks are regularly found on rivers so drifting down a river should provide good opportunities to find a lot of ducks.  Knowing this you may be wanting to see ideas and tips for duck hunting rivers before you head out.   Let’s take a look at an example duck hunting rivers method.


Duck Hunting Rivers Example:

Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River
Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River


Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River

  1. Conceal Your Boat
  2. Stay Close to Shoreline
  3. Minimize Noise
  4. Team Hunt


Conceal Your Boat

As with any duck hunting, one of the most important considerations is having proper concealment.  When duck hunting rivers you are going to need a boat in order to accomplish this hunting method.  There are a lot of boat options like canoes, john boats, kayaks and more.  Regardless of what option you select you will want to have a boat.


Now that you have found a boat to use you are going to need to figure out the best way to conceal it.  One way is to buy a camouflage boat or to paint it camouflage.  For example, if you buy a canoe you can get some camo spray paint and paint reed patterns on the boat.


Another option is to make or buy a boat blind.  Basically the idea of these is to have a way to drape blind grass all over your boat.  You may have access to grab a bunch of actual grass from shorelines to use but a popular choice is to buy blind grass from a store.  They sell it in large sheets and then you can make a better permanent solution for hiding your boat.  Whatever you chose you should do your best to make your boat blend in with the surrounds as best as possible.


Stay Close to Shoreline

Even though you are going to be camouflaging or covering your boat with blind grass it is still necessary to take extra steps to stay out of the view of ducks for as long as possible.  One of the best ways to do this is to hug as close to the shorelines as possible with your boat as you float down the river.  Using this method you can use natural vegetation as well as natural curves in the river to stay concealed.


In the example diagram above you can see that the hunter is hugging close to the shoreline with his boat.  Up ahead of him there are ducks around the corner and if he had been way out in the middle of the river they would likely see him before he gets in shooting range and fly away.  However, by staying close to shore he will have a better chance of getting closer before being spotted.


Minimize Noise

This step should probably be obvious but when you are duck hunting rivers you should be as quiet as possible when floating down the river.  If you are hunting with a buddy you should keep any talking quiet and to a minimum.  If you are using a paddle you should be sure to do as little splashing as possible as well as being sure to not let the paddle bump against the side of the boat.  Particularly with aluminum boats that can really create a lot of noise.  Ducks can hear well on the water so the quieter you are the less likely you are to scare them off.


Team Hunt

When you do get the opportunity to go duck hunting rivers with a buddy you can use this as an added opportunity to bag even more ducks.  One particular way you can do this is when you see ducks well in advance on the river.  What you can do is have one of you get out of the boat and head upriver concealed along the shoreline and circle to the front side of the ducks.


When that hunter gets in front of the ducks they should get some good shooting opportunities in.  Then since they went in front of the ducks it is likely that the ducks will fly upriver and allow the hunter in the boat additional shooting opportunities.  Even if you both stay in the boat and do not elect to do the shore method, having an extra shooter with can be a good way to bag as many ducks as possible to fill your limits.


Final Thoughts: Duck Hunting Rivers: 4 Tips How to Duck Hunt a River

Duck hunting rivers can be one of the most unique and action packed types of duck hunting that you can do. Remember to keep your boat concealed well, stick close to the shoreline, minimize noise and bring a buddy.  All of these mixed together can help you have a fun and successful time duck hunting rivers.


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