How to Duck Hunt Without a Dog: 3 Simple Methods

How to Duck Hunt Without A Dog

Are you wondering how to duck hunt without a dog?  Although duck hunting with a dog can make for an easier time with duck retrieval, it is possible to duck hunt without a dog.


How to Duck Hunt Without a Dog

Although there are many times where having a dog will make your life easier when duck hunting, it is still absolutely possible to duck hunt without dogs.  In this article I will show you 3 simple ways how to duck hunt without a dog.



Hunt Shallow Ponds

How to Duck Hunt Without a Dog

One of the absolute easiest ways to hunt ducks without a dog is to hunt shallow ponds. For this method you will want to have a set of waders so that you can go into the pond and retrieve the ducks yourself.


Most chest waders, depending on your height, will allow you to go 3-4 feet or more into the water without getting wet.  So if you can find a pond that is 4 feet or less in depth you should be able to easily retrieve the ducks on your own.


Even if you end up with a few areas that are a little deeper than 4 feet you could grab a tree branch branch and use it to reach the last few feet into the water to pull the ducks in close enough to grab.



Use a Boat

How to Duck Hunt Without a Dog

The type of boat and to the extent that you will use the boat really depends on the type of duck hunting that you are doing.  For example, if you are hunting from the shoreline and you happen to shoot down some ducks that are too far to walk to with your waders you could use a small john boat to float and grab the ducks.


In other situations, you may be actually hunting in the middle of a lake or other body of water and using the boat as a blind as well.  In these cases, you can simply pull up the anchor and go to the ducks.  Of course this will require a little more effort each time to get the ducks rather than having a dog but it is entirely possible to do this.



Field Hunt

How to Duck Hunt Without a Dog

One more way that I would like to show you about how to duck hunt without dogs is to field duck hunt.  Some of the most exciting and memorable duck hunting trips that I have ever been on were when we duck hunted from fields.


In many cases you will hunt corn fields, rice fields, wheat fields and a variety of other fields that are near water and places that ducks are resting and feeding.  To do this you will usually want to use a layout blind or use areas natural covering such as weed lines on the sides of the fields to keep out of the sight of ducks.


With field hunting it can be very exciting because you can often watch the ducks come to your decoy spread from quite a distance.  This helps increase your anticipation for the ducks and especially when they circle your spread it sure makes your blood pump.  If you are looking for some ideas on how to duck hunt from a field you can check out this post with several tips.


I hope these few ideas will teach you how to duck hunt without a dog.  In fact, most of my duck hunting has been without dogs so I’m sure if you put some effort into it and use these tips you will still be able to harvest your share of ducks without a dog.


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