How to Duck Hunt Without Decoys: 3 Simple Tips

How to Duck Hunt Without Decoys

Have you been wondering how to duck hunt without decoys?  Well, the good news is with some work and preparation it is possible to duck hunt without decoys.


How to Duck Hunt Without Decoys: 3 Simple Tips


Many people believe that it is absolutely necessary to have decoys to be able to duck hunt.


Although having decoys often does not hurt your ability to harvest your limit of ducks, and often times it helps, with some planning it is possible to still bag ducks when duck hunting without decoys.


Let’s take a look at 3 strategies you can implement so you can learn how to duck hunt without decoys:



How to Duck Hunt Without Decoys

The most important thing that you can do in order to be able to successfully duck hunt without decoys is to scout the area in advance.  This should be a no brainer but honestly a lot of hunters think they can just show up to a hunting spot having never been there before and have success.


Whether you have decoys or not this it is extremely important to know that there are actually ducks that are in the area.  With decoys at least you will have the opportunity to pull in some passing by ducks that would have not otherwise landed in that spot.  The decoys help grab their interest and may result in those ducks coming in for a look.


In contrast, if you are duck hunting without decoys there is going to be little reason for ducks that have not already been using the area for feeding or resting to come to a new location.  This is why you should consider spending at least a day or two in advance of your duck hunting trip scouting for ducks.


Here is a complete article I have written on how to scout for ducks and geese but in summary you need to spend some time driving around to your potential hunting spots.  When you get to those spots, first see if there any ducks in the water.  Also check for any ducks that are flying nearby.  Again, if there is no sign of ducks you will likely want to find another location.


When scouting I also recommend trying to do it at the same time that you plan on duck hunting.  So if you plan on hunting first thing in the morning then you should make an attempt to go to the area for scouting in the early morning.  You see the behavior pattern for ducks often changes throughout the day.  This means that even though you may see ducks there in the afternoon it does not mean they will be using that same spot in the morning.





Another strategy to implement when duck hunting without decoys is to use natural funnels in the landscape.  What I mean is you want to find spots that will force the ducks to fly through more predictable areas rather than wide open spaces.


For example, you may be hunting a river where the shoreline is fairly open on both sides with minimal trees or vegetation.  Hunting in a area like this will likely have a lot of unpredictability on where the ducks are flying to and from as there is nothing to keep them within a certain area.  However, if you can find a spot in that river where there are trees lined on both sides of the riverbank you will likely have better shooting opportunities.


This is because the ducks will often fly through those natural channels rather than flying up above the tree line.  Sure, they will not always fly through the narrow channels but when they do your shooting ability will be much improved.




How to Duck Hunt Without Decoys

Finally, you must be extremely focused on your attention to detail with your hunting concealment when you are duck hunting without decoys.  When using decoys, you still need to have great concealment because if ducks spot anything unnatural to them they are not even going to get close enough to you to give you any hope of shooting them.


However, at least with decoys you have something else in the water or on the land for the ducks to focus their attention on.  When you are duck hunting without decoys the ducks will now have their full attention focused on scanning the area and looking for anything that does not look right.  Make sure you have great camo and that you are well hidden within tall weeds or that you are using a very natural looking hunting blind that blends in well with the surroundings.


I hope these tips on how to duck hunt without decoys is a useful starting point for you in your duck hunting success.  As I mentioned, having duck decoys typically does not hurt your chances of success but if you take some time to scout in advance, hunt from natural funnels and have proper concealment you are still able to have a chance of bagging ducks without decoys.


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