How to Duck Hunt From a Kayak: Duck Decoy Spread for Kayaks

How to Duck Hunt From a Kayak: Duck Decoy Spread for Kayaks

Have you been wondering how to duck hunt from a kayak?  With this kayak duck decoy spread and tips you will be able to have a successful duck hunting trip using a kayak to get to your favorite hunting spot.


How to Duck Hunt From a Kayak: Kayak Decoy Spread & Tips


Duck hunting from a kayak can be an extremely enjoyable, and effective experience.  One great benefit that duck hunting from a kayak gives you is the ability to reach secluded locations that would otherwise be unreachable by foot or a motorized boat.


In fact, there are some public hunting grounds that do not allow the use of a motorized boat so using a kayak is one of the only feasible ways to hunt in these locations.  This can actually make these duck hunting locations a prime spot for you because not all duck hunters are willing to use this method to harvest ducks.


Here are a few simple tips that you can use to successfully duck hunt from a kayak:


Decoy Spread for Duck Hunting from Kayaks


When you are duck hunting from a kayak you are going to have all sorts of choices for decoy spreads.  This will completely depend on where you will be duck hunting from.


For example, if you are duck hunting in the open water you will be able to place your decoys in a variey of ways to lure the ducks into shooting distance.


Hoever, one particiualr duck decoy spread option that I would suggest trying when duck hunting from a kayak would be this duck decoy spread:

How to Duck Hunt From a Kayak: Duck Decoy Spread for Kayaks
How to Duck Hunt From a Kayak: Duck Decoy Spread for Kayaks


As you can see with this kayak duck hunting decoy spread we are utilizing some natural covering to further conceal your duck hunting kayak.  This could be a group of cattails, flooded rice, flooded corn or reeds.


Regardless of what type of natural covering is available, using it will greatly help in effectively concealing compared to leaving your kayak in the open.


All you need to do is pull the kayak a few yards into the covering for great hiding.


With this spread we are simply placing a nice grouping of 1 -2 dozen decoys 10-20 yards in front of the vegetation so the ducks will have a landing zone in between the vegetation and decoys.


Of course the ducks may also land on the far side of the spread as well but either way you will be able to easily retrieve your downed birds by using your kayak.


Prepping your Kayak for Concealment

In addition to having a good decoy spread selected, another key ingredient in having success when duck hunting with a kayak is being well concealed.


What I mean is that you must ensure that you are completely out of the sight of approaching ducks otherwise they will get scared off and you will likely never get any shooting opportunities in.


This means that you must plan your concealment in advance when using a kayak.  There are a handful of premade kayak boat blinds on the market that can do the trick nicely here is a link to one you may want to checkout.


One big downside of buying a premade kayak blind is that most of them are $200 or more each.  So if you have the cash to spare that is great and you can quickly get the concealment you need.


But If you are up for a project and would like save yourself some money you can build your own hunting blind around the kayak.


Using PVC pipe, paracord, camo netting, blind grass and zip ties is a great way to make your blind.   Here is a video I found on how to make a kayak hunting blind.


Protecting Your Shotgun During Transport

One more consideration that you want to be aware of when duck hunting from a kayak is protecting your shotgun while you are going from the boat launch to your hunting spot.


As you probably know shotguns do not float so you will want to be sure that you have your shotgun in a waterproof and floating shotgun case.  I don’t know about you but I would absolutely have a heart attack if my gun fell into the water and I lost it!


The good news is this will likely be a lesser cost compared to the layout blind.  You can probably find a floating shotgun case for between $30 – $70 and it will be worth every penny if you do happen to accidently drop your shotgun in the water while using your kayak for duck hunting.


Wrapping It Up

If you were wondering how to duck hunt from a kayak I hope that this article has given you some good insight on how to get out and enjoy duck hunting with a kayak for the first time.


As I mentioned earlier, duck hunting from a kayak gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of hunting from locations that would otherwise be unreachable by foot or even a motorized boat so I hope that if you are able to take advantage of this exciting way to bag some ducks!


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