How to Duck Hunt By Yourself: 4 Simple Tips

how to duck hunt by yourself

Have you been wondering how to duck hunt by yourself?  With these 4 simple tips will be able to have a successful duck hunting trip even if you do not have anyone else with you.


How to Duck Hunt By Yourself: 4 Simple Tips


Duck hunting by yourself can be an extremely enjoyable time.  Sure, going out with a hunting guide, friends or family members is great but to occasionally get out duck hunting all on your own can be a very enjoyable experience.


I find it satisfying to occasionally hunt on my own because any successes or failures I have hunting that day can be all attributed to myself.  I know that any of the ducks that I shot were because of how I setup my decoys, how I concealed myself and how good of a shot that I made on the duck.


Here are 4 simple tips that you can learn to successfully duck hunt by yourself:


1)Understand Wind Direction

One of the biggest things to understand about duck hunting by yourself is to understand the impact that wind direction has on duck hunting. The key is that ducks land into the wind.  If you think of the wind as blowing from the left to the right then the ducks will land going to the right to the left.   Here is an image that should help you understand wind direction for duck hunting:


How to Duck Hunt By Yourself


You can see from the image on the left that the wind is blowing from the left to right as indicated by the arrows on the bottom left of the image.  Since the wind is blowing to the right you can see that the ducks are approaching the decoys by flying from the right to the left, directly into the wind.


The image on the right shows the opposite setup where the wind direction arrows on the bottom left of the image have the wind blowing to the left.  Now you can see that the approaching ducks are flying from the left to right so that they land into the wind.


2) Decoy Placement

Now that we better understand how ducks use wind for landing lets work on a plan your decoy placement. If you are just getting started with duck hunting and wondering how to duck hunt by yourself then I would suggest that you start out with a basic duck decoy spread before you get into complex duck decoy setups.


One of the most universal duck decoy spreads is called the fishhook duck decoy spread or the “J” decoy spread.  In this decoy spread you can basically imagine the shape of a “J” as you place your duck decoys.  Here is an image of the fishhook duck decoy spread to help you understand.



How to Duck Hunt By Yourself

As you can see the fishhook spread has the opening of the “J” facing with the wind that the wind as blowing.  This way when the ducks fly into the wind they will have a clear spot to land.  In this example we have the clear opening labeled the “LANDING ZONE”.  When the ducks approach this area you should have excellent shooting opportunities.


3) Concealment

Another key ingredient in having success when duck hunting by yourself is being well concealed.  What I mean is that you must ensure that you are completely out of the sight of approaching ducks otherwise they will get scared off and you will likely never get any shooting opportunities in.


There are many ways you can conceal yourself and the first part of concealment is wearing camouflage.  In pretty much every case when you are duck hunting hunting you will want to have camouflage from head to toe to reduce being spotted by the approaching ducks.


Often times you will be wearing white camouflage as you are usually in fields with snow so you want to blend in.  However, if you are using a layout blind, pit blind or other blind system you will likely be mostly out of the sight of snow geese but to ensure you are not spotted it is best to wear camouflage.


Also, you will want to pay attention to how you are hiding yourself from the ducks.  What I mean is you can use a blind as I mentioned before like a layout blind, boat blind or pit blind.  Additionally, you can use natural coverings to stay concealed.   Sometimes that involves hiding yourself in natural weeds along a shoreline or sitting under trees.  Just be sure that as ducks look in your direction from above that you have taken necessary measures to blend in well with your surroundings.


4) Safety

how to duck hunt by yourself Many duck hunters are well aware of safety when they are hunting in groups or with even just one more friend.  It is easy to see how a accident could happen if one of the hunters faces their gun in the direction of another hunter.   However, if you are duck hunting by yourself it is equally important to take safety precautions.


The biggest reason for this is that if you are injured when duck hunting by yourself it can be difficult for you to contact help and even if you are able to contact someone for help it might be difficult to explain exactly where you are so that they can come and help you.


Some of the things you want to consider regarding safety when duck hunting by yourself is gun safety, water safety and location.  Gun safety may be thought of when hunting near other hunters but also when you are by yourself you will want to ensure no accidents happen where you are Injured by your own weapon and unable to get quick help.


When hunting in extreme cold or other inclement weather conditions be sure that you are well prepared to handle the storm.  Wear waterproof camouflage clothing and if you are hunting from a boat ensure you have a floatation device and be sure to exit the water before the conditions get to an unsafe level.


Wrapping It Up:

If you were wondering how to duck hunt by yourself I hope that this article has given you some good insight on how to get out and enjoy duck hunting on your own.  Personally, I love hunting with other people because it is so fun to share the time with friends and family.


However, sometimes I also find it enjoyable to duck hunt by myself as I am able to really clear my head and just enjoy the outdoors.  With the tips I have given you today I hope that you can enjoy a successful duck hunting trip on your own sometime.


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