How to Setup Snow Goose Decoys

Thinking about doing some snow goose hunting?  Not sure how to setup snow goose decoys?  No problem!  Snow goose hunting can present some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting available.  There are days when groups of hunters shoot 100 + snow geese in just one day.


Sounds like fun right?  Ok, let’s learn about one effective snow goose decoy spread to try.


Step 1: In this example the wind is blowing from left to right on our snow goose decoy spread. The first thing when hunting snow geese is to keep your back to the wind as the geese will want to land into the wind. As you can see here we have our hunter positioned with his back to the wind.


Step 2: Next lets talk about the decoys. With this setup we have our decoys in a number 8 shape with one of the openings of the 8 filled with decoys and the blinds. As I have illustrated the side of the 8 with the blinds is where we are going to place about 70% – 80% of our decoy spread. We will place the hunter in the middle of this 70% – 80% grouping.

Step 3:
 Now let’s discuss the remaining 20% – 30% of the decoys. These decoys make up the other ½ of the number 8 shape and are further downwind from the blinds. What this does is allow a nice opening for the snow geese to land in and puts the hunters in excellent shooting position.


Make sure that the opening for the landing zone is large enough for the snow geese.  A good estimate would be about 40 yards across the circle.  What you will find if the landing zone is too small is that the approaching snow geese will feel crowded and they will not have a place to land.  Unfortunately, if that happens the snow geese will most likely not land and flare off.


The other benefit to this setup is that if you have a change in wind direction you can pickup this group of decoys and re-position them to the new downwind spot without having to pickup all of your decoys. Many times snow geese spreads can be 1,000 or more decoys so moving 200 is much more manageable than moving all 1,000.


Final Thoughts on Snow Goose Decoy Spreads: The “Figure 8” snow goose decoy spread is just one effective decoy spread to try when you are hunting snow geese.  Give this one a try and see how it works for you and the area that you hunt.  Pay attention to how the snow geese react and do not be afraid to adjust your spread based on what they are doing that day.

I hope that these tips can help you to improve your snow goose hunting success.


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