How to Setup Duck Decoys

Ever wonder how to setup duck decoys?


Well no problem, in this post I am going to show you one of the most effective ways to hunt ducks over water.  I like to call this duck decoy spread diagram “The Gauntlet”.


First what are the important factors in duck hunting spreads?


Step 1: Wind Direction

The first thing to know about hunting ducks is that they like to land into the wind.  When setting up your decoys and choosing where you will sit first identify what way the wind is coming from.


Step 2: Spread Setup.

One of the most common ways to setup duck decoys for water hunting is lining up the decoys in two distinct lines.  What this does is funnel the ducks to land into the opening of the landing zone allowing you excellent shooting.

how to setup duck decoys spread diagam

STEP 3: Distance Between Decoys.

If you watch real ducks land in ponds, rivers and lakes you will see that they leave space between them and the next duck as they land. Place your decoys about 5-8 feet apart from each other so the ducks do not feel crowded when they come to land in your spread.


Step 4: Decoy Facing.

This is quick and simple.  Real ducks do not all feed or sit in facing the same direction.  As you setup your decoys randomly face them in all types of directions.


Step 5: Hunter Placement.

The key is to put yourself in a position where you have the shortest distance between you and the middle of the landing and that you are properly concealed. In our above example the hunter is at the far right edge of the decoy spread and is using natural covering  to conceal his boat from the sight of approaching ducks.


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