Goose Decoy Spread for Water

goose decoy spread for water

Ready for a good goose decoy spread for water hunting?  This goose decoy spread I call the “Cozy Cove” and is a great goose decoy spread for water that you can try the next time you are out looking to bag some geese.  We will also incorporate a handful of duck decoys with this decoy spread to add a level of realism.


Here is a Goose Decoy Spread for Water Hunting:

Goose decoy spread for water


“Cozy Cove” goose decoy spread for water summary:

  • 3 lines of geese extending into the water
  • Several geese near the shoreline
  • Incorporate ducks within the spread in groups of 2-6
  • Works well with shoreline concealment


3 Lines of Geese Extending into the Water

With this goose decoy spread the primary base is going to be 3 lines of geese extending out into the water.  These lines can consist of 3-6 geese with some facing random directions but the majority facing into the wind.  The benefit of this 3 decoy line strategy is that you form two distinct landing zones for the approaching geese to choose from.
In this example the wind is blowing from the left to the right.  Since geese land into the wind we would anticipate that the geese are going to approach the spread from right to left as they head for the landing zones.  With the hunters positioned in a parallel position to these landing zones they should be in excellent position to shoot geese well within shotgun range.


Several Geese Near Shoreline

Another component of this spread is having a handful of floating goose decoys near the shoreline.  Some geese may head for the shoreline to be out of stronger wind and relax and sometimes even feed on the shore.  In fact, if you happen to have a few full body goose decoys you could place a few on shore to show them resting.


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Incorporate Groups of 2-6 Ducks in the Spread

Ducks and geese often congregate together and having a handful of ducks incorporated into this goose decoy spread for water can help increase the level of comfort geese have as they approach.  Here we have put a few groups of 2-6 decoys towards the ends of the goose decoy lines to show that they are recent arrivals to the spread.


Not only will adding the duck decoys help in the possibility of pulling in a few more geese but it is quite possible that you could lure in some ducks to your spread as well.  What a better way to hunt than bringing home a mixed bag of waterfowl for dinner.


Works Well With Shoreline Concealment

As with any type of goose hunting it is critical to have good concealment.  In this example the hunters have setup layout blinds near the shoreline and have covered them up with surrounding vegetation.  However, it may not be necessary to have a blind depending on the shoreline.  If you have a shoreline filled with cattails and tall reeds it may be possible to just sit several feet back in the vegetation and pop up when geese approach the spread.


Concealment could also be accomplished if you have a boat blind.  You would simply use the boat to get your decoys setup and then pull the boat into the covering on shore and wait for waterfowl.  Ensure that you have your boat well concealed for this type of hunting to be effective.


Final Thoughts

Hunting for geese over water can make for an exciting time.  This is one particular goose decoy spread for water that you can try as you work to bag more geese.  Remember to always keep the wind direction in mind as you plan your decoy spread.  This goose decoy spread for water has the wind blowing out from the shore at the hunters back.  If the wind were to change directions you would need to adjust the angles of your decoys to ensure that the landing zone has its openings facing the same direction that the wind is blowing.


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