Duck & Goose Combo Decoy Spread

Are you looking to hunt ducks and geese at the same time?


The “Family Affair” is a duck & goose combo decoy spread that can be used to bag both ducks and geese.  With this decoy spread you are recreating the look of several groups of ducks and geese that have landed in a field that is plentiful with food.


duck and goose combo decoy spread


The first thing to keep in mind when setting up your decoys is the wind direction.  The above diagram shows that the wind is blowing from left to right.  This means that the waterfowl are going to approach from right to left, flying directly into the wind.  Waterfowl land into the wind because they are able to use the natural lift of the wind to help them make a gentle landing.


Another item to remember is that ducks and geese will often congregate with several of the same species so creating pods of 3-6 decoys of ducks and geese throughout the spread can look quite natural.  You can see in this duck and goose decoy spread that there are many pods of geese and ducks throughout the spread.  This is exactly the look we are trying to accomplish to make the approaching waterfowl feel comfortable.


In addition, this diagram provides gaps between the pods of decoys which helps create fly through paths for the approaching ducks or geese.  Waterfowl do not always like to fly over other birds so having a few fly through paths allows birds to check out the spread without going over decoys.  If this happens you should still have some good shooting opportunities.


“Family Affair” Benefits:

  • Use both duck and goose decoys, typically 1-2 dozen of each species
  • Opportunity to bag both ducks and geese
  • Creates a natural family feeding appearance
  • Gaps between the feeding groups make for natural fly through paths for wary birds


Final thoughts on Duck & Goose Combination Spreads: If you are looking to bag both ducks and geese at the same time it can work very well to mix both species together in your decoy spread.  The spread above showed you an example of keeping your decoy types separate.  However, there are many other ways to try this.  For example, you can make an entire spread out of geese and then simply mix in a few ducks in random spots of the spread.  Experiment with the combination spreads and see what works best for you and your area.


If you want to get a sample pack of decoy diagrams click the download link below.  These spreads will give you even more information on successful waterfowl decoy setup.


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