Duck Decoy Spread for Lakes

duck decoy spread for lakes

Here is an effective duck decoy spreads for lakes that you can use the next time you are hunting ducks over water. The benefit of this duck decoy spread is that it can be used when you are hunting the shoreline of a lake and it helps to funnel ducks in between the shoreline and the decoys creating close shooting opportunities as the ducks pass through the landing zone.


Here is a Quick Video for This Duck Decoy Spread for Lakes

“Shore Slayer” duck decoy spread for lakes summary:

  • Works on large bodies of water
  • Funnels ducks for close range shooting
  • Use natural covering of the shore
  • Utilize several dozen decoys


Works on large bodies of water

One of the largest benefits of this duck decoy spread for lakes is that it works well with pretty much any large bodies of water that you will be hunting. Really, this duck decoy spread could be used on a lake, river or even ocean. This spread does need a good amount of space to setup so it would likely not be the best choice for a pond setup but for most other duck hunting situations it could be an effective spread.


As you setup this spread it is important to pay attention to the direction that the wind is blowing so that you can place yourself towards the upwind side of the decoys so that approaching ducks will head your direction and come into your shooting distance. For days without much wind this may not be the best spread because it closes off the landing zone from other directions so you may want to select a different setup on those days.


Funnels ducks for close range shooting

With this spread you will place a long string of duck decoys about 20-30 yards out in the water that run parallel with the shoreline. The remaining few decoys are setup lining out from the shore with a gap in between the two groups. The gap leaves a spot for ducks to fly through without having to fly over decoys. Any ducks that fly through the opening will be well within effective shotgun distance.


The benefit of having the gap in between the decoys is that sometimes ducks do not always like to fly over other ducks. By placing your decoys with this gap you get the benefit of funneling ducks while also providing the fly through escape paths. Hopefully the combination of these benefits will allow you to bag more ducks when hunting lakes.


Use natural covering of the shoreline

Another benefit of this duck decoy spread for lakes is that the hunter will be able to use the natural vegetation of the shore to help stay concealed from the sight of approaching ducks. As you may be aware, one of the most critical components to successfully shooting ducks is ensuring that you are out of the sight of the ducks so that they do not get scared and flare away from your decoy spread before they are within effective shotgun range.


Depending on how much vegetation there is on the shoreline you could place layout blinds on the shore and cover them up with tall grass. You could also setup a permanent blind on the shore and have season long hunting opportunities as long as you have long term access to this land. However, one of my most favorite ways for this style of hunting is to simply sit in the tall grass or under a tree to keep concealed. This way I do not need to carry a layout blind or take the time and expense to build a permanent shore blind.


Utilize several dozen decoys

To effectively setup this duck decoy spread for lakes you will need to have a few dozen decoys. In this example we have about 2 dozen decoys placed in the water to create the main line of decoys. For those who have the benefit of owning more decoys you can extend the length of this decoy line. Additionally, you could widen this decoy group with a larger decoy spread. In either situation, the more decoys you are able to add to the spread can help add to the visibility of your decoy spread to approaching ducks.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a duck decoy spread for lakes this can be one effective way to try. Make sure that you leave enough room in between the shoreline and the decoys so that the ducks are not too crowded in this fly through path, otherwise ducks may not fly through this intended landing zone. Additionally, I recommend only using this spread on days when you have at least some wind as the wind helps to funnel the ducks through the landing zone. However, if you are hunting on a day when there is not much wind I would suggest a different spread since this spread can close off approach paths from other directions.


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