Best Goose Decoy Spread

best goose decoy spread

Looking for the best goose decoy spread?  Many of my followers tell me that it is the best goose decoy spread that they have ever used.  The great thing is this decoy spread is easy to setup and has many benefits.


I like to call this decoy spread the “Paw Print” because it looks similar to the print that a dog would with leave with their paws.  Take a quick look at this video to see this decoy spread in action and why some people call this the best goose decoy spread they have ever used.


Why People Call This the Best Goose Decoy Spread:

  • Provides escape paths for wary geese
  • Supports multiple hunters
  • Close pass shooting for hunters new fly through paths
  • Works great for late season hunts
  • Two landing zones


The “Paw Print” has 3 different pods of decoys that are setup outside of the primary base of the decoy spread.  These pods of decoys create two different escape paths.  Escape paths can be a good idea because geese do not always like to fly over other geese.  Especially as the year progresses and geese have been shot at ore they have a tendency to be ore skeptical of decoy spreads.


The benefit that this spread presents is that you can catch the attention of geese to come close and take a look at your spread but if they see something they do not like the geese have lanes to fly through where they do not have to fly over other geese.  If this happens the hunters who are positioned by the escape paths will have excellent pass shooting at the flock.


Next time you head out goose hunting feel free to give this goose decoy spread a try and please let me know if you find this to be the best goose decoy spread that you have ever used.


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