Decoy Setup: Hunting Geese From Standing Corn

Today I want to share with you how I bagged my first banded bird.  This is a super simple Canada goose setup tip so you can try this tip right away.


It was opening day of goose season a few years back and I was with two of my best hunting buddies.  Of course we were completely jacked up because it had been nearly 8 months since the last time we had been out goose hunting.


There was only one problem…. the field we scouted and found geese in the night before was a very short alfalfa field and there didn’t seem to be a great way to conceal ourselves from the approaching birds.


So what did we do?​

Rather than trying to setup layout blinds in the alfalfa field we decided to use the natural covering of the standing corn right next to the alfalfa.   Here is the exact setup we used for hunting geese from standing corn:


hunting geese from standing corn


What was the result?  

We had no problem pulling in geese to our spread and one of those geese that we bagged was a banded goose.  It was so cool that we used a different approach and were able to have a great day of opening goose season.


Two things to remember when you try this goose decoy spread.  First, you want to stand about 3-4 rows back in the corn so that you are well concealed from the sight of the approaching geese.  Second, you want to place your decoys about 20 yards out from the side of the corn as it is unnatural for geese to feed right next to corn as there could be predators using the crops for cover.

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I hope you found this useful and I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. Mike

    Put wind to face , geese circle right on top of your head for a great shot.

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