How to Mud a Hunting Blind

When you buy a new blind it will have fresh shiny paint.  The bad thing is geese and ducks might see the shine if you do not mud a hunting blind.  If you are having troubles getting birds to land in your spread than one thing to try is mudding your blind.


The good news is that mudding your blind can be done quickly and effectively with just a few simple steps.  Let’s look at how to mud a hunting blind.

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How to Paint Goose Decoys

Painting your goose decoys can be done with a few supplies and a little learning.  Let me make this SUPER easy for you to do by following my step by step directions on how to paint goose decoys.


Many people have used these instructions to make decoys that looked like they should have been thrown away to look brand new and ready to hunt over once again.

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Why Paint Decoys?

Why should I paint decoys?

If you are like me and you enjoy hunting ducks and geese and the amount of decoys you have is important to you than there are few reasons why you should paint your duck and goose decoys.


  • It can be a huge financial savings
  • It can be personally satisfying to use decoys that you have painted on your own
  • There are lots of resources to help you.


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