Canada Goose Decoy Spread

Canada Goose Decoy Spread

If you are looking for a great Canada goose decoy spread to try this decoy spread is just for you.  I call this Canada goose decoy spread the “PAW PRINT” as it has the look of an animal’s paw print.  This spread has a lot of great benefits that I will show you in this quick article.


Example of A Canada Goose Decoy Spread:

Canada Goose Decoy Spread
Canada Goose Decoy Spread


Canada Goose Decoy Spread:

  • Provides escape paths for wary geese
  • Close pass shooting for the hunter near escape paths
  • Supports Multiple Hunters


Provides Escape Paths for Wary Geese

One of the great benefits of this Canada goose decoy spread is that you can catch the attention of geese to come and take a look at your spread but if they see something they do not like the geese have escape paths to fly through where they do not have to fly over other geese.


You may notice that geese do not like to fly directly over the top of other geese.  With the “PAW PRINT” you provide a way for the approaching geese to not have to fly over other geese while bringing them close enough to make a shot.  If they get wary they simply head through these escape paths.


Close Pass Shooting for Hunters Near Escape Paths

For those times that the geese do get wary and decide not to land within the decoy spread and then use the escape paths it will play perfectly into your plan.  The escape paths can somewhat funnel geese to fly next to the hunters that are on the edges of the decoy spread.  When this happens those hunters on the edge of the Canada goose decoy spread will have close shooting opportunities.


Supports Multiple Hunters

Finally, you may notice that this decoy spread can support a lot of hunters.  The base of the paw can be as big as you desire so if you are bringing a large group to hunt you simply expand the amount of decoys you have and line up the hunters in the base of the paw.


Many hunters use a formula of 1-2 dozen decoys per hunter.  What I mean is if you have 2 hunters you would then use at least have 2 dozen decoys and more preferably 4 dozen decoys.  As you expand the amount of hunters it is best to then expand the decoys.  For example, if you go up to 4 hunters then you should strive for a minimum of 4 dozen decoys but preferably closer to 8 dozen.


This is not a hard and fast formula because you may not have that many decoys but the reason you can strive for this is concealment.   You see, the more decoys you have the better you are able to use the decoys to pack around the hunting blinds for concealing the blinds.  This is because with each hunter you have you also have another blind to conceal.


Final Thoughts: Goose Hunting for Beginners: How to Goose Hunt

If you are looking for a great Canada goose decoy spread to try the PAW PRINT is an excellent starting point.  It is a perfect decoy spread to use in the late season as the geese get wary from being shot at for several months.  In addition, you can make the spread work for just a few hunters all of the way up to a large hunting party.  Next time you are out goose hunting give this decoy spread a try and see what happens.  Good luck!


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