Decoy Setup: Hunting Geese From Standing Corn

Today I want to share with you how I bagged my first banded bird.  This is a super simple Canada goose setup tip so you can try this tip right away.


It was opening day of goose season a few years back and I was with two of my best hunting buddies.  Of course we were completely jacked up because it had been nearly 8 months since the last time we had been out goose hunting.


There was only one problem…. the field we scouted and found geese in the night before was a very short alfalfa field and there didn’t seem to be a great way to conceal ourselves from the approaching birds.


So what did we do?​

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How to Setup Snow Goose Decoys

Thinking about doing some snow goose hunting?  Not sure how to setup snow goose decoys?  No problem!  Snow goose hunting can present some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting available.  There are days when groups of hunters shoot 100 + snow geese in just one day.


Sounds like fun right?  Ok, let’s learn about one effective snow goose decoy spread to try.


Step 1: In this example the wind is blowing from left to right on our snow goose decoy spread. The first thing when hunting snow geese is to keep your back to the wind as the geese will want to land into the wind. As you can see here we have our hunter positioned with his back to the wind.

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Decoy Spreads for Ducks in Early Season

decoy spreads for ducks in early season

Decoy spreads for ducks in early season that are most effective are all about recreating the natural behavior of early season ducks. Unlike the late season spreads, decoy spreads for ducks in early season should typically consist of fewer decoys yet the decoys should be strategically placed for optimal performance.  Here you will get 3 examples of decoy spreads for ducks in early season that will help you bag more ducks to get your duck hunting season started off with a bang.

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