Best Late Season Goose Decoy Spread: 4 Simple Tactics

late season goose decoy spread

Are you looking for the best late season goose decoy spread?  With this late season goose decoy spread you will utilize several dozen goose decoys to match the larger flocks that geese are use to seeing as the migration progresses.  In addition, this late season goose decoy spread will support several hunters.


Best Late Season Goose Decoy Spread


Best Late Season Goose Decoy Spread:

  • Replicates Large Migrating Flocks
  • Keeps direct focus of geese off hunters
  • Family Groups
  • Multiple landing options


Late Season Goose Decoy Spread Tactic# 1: Replicates Large Migrating Flocks:

The first part of making an effective late season goose decoy spread is to have a lot of decoys in your decoy spread.  It is possible to hunt geese in the late season with less decoys but in general you will want to have a larger amount of decoys to match the larger flocks.


You see, as the migration progresses you will notice that the flocks of geese heading south also increases.  This is because the migrators are connecting with other migrating flocks and some of the local birds that are finally heading south.


Simply take a look in the fields and bodies of water in your area and you will likely notice these larger late season groups.


The best way fool geese is by making your goose decoy spread look as realistic as possible and one of the ways to make the spread look realistic is to match the number of geese you see in fields near your hunting location.


Late Season Goose Decoy Spread Tactic# 2: Keeps Direct Focus of Geese Off Hunters

One of the largest benefits to this late goose decoy spread is that it takes the direct focus of the approaching geese off of the blinds.


As the season progresses the geese tend to get warier because they have likely been shot at several times as they have made their migration.  This means that they will be particularly on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.


As you can see the landing zone in this late season goose decoy spread is in front of the hunters so rather than the geese looking directly at you as they approach the spread their attention will be more focused on the open spots for landing.


Of course you will still want to have plenty of natural covering on your blind.  Make sure to grab downed crops such as corn stalks or hay and weave it within your blinds.  In addition, have plenty of decoys around your blinds.


Late Season Goose Decoy Spread Tactic# 3: Family Groups

With this late season goose decoy spread you will build a primary base of goose  decoys up around the layout blinds.  This area will consist of about 30 % of your total decoys.


Make sure that that you surround your blinds with plenty of decoys to help them blend in with the field.  Depending on how many hunters you have you may need to add more decoys to this area.  My suggestion is the more hunters you have here the more decoys, such as about 20 decoys per hunter.


The rest of your decoys are going to be spread out in the field creating several large groups of geese.  This helps create a look that several different family groups of geese have landed and are feeding on this field with lots of food.


However, the upwind side of the spread can look somewhat like an “L” to hopefully get the flock to stop within the decoy spread rather than flying past.


In addition, I would recommend that you spread out your decoys that are within these family groups.  You see there are plenty of large openings in this spread for the large flocks of approaching geese but if you have smaller groups approach such as a solo goose or a pair of geese they may want to land within a family group.


Placing the decoys about 6-9 feet apart should do the trick for creating smaller landing zones in this late season goose decoy spread.


Late Season Goose Decoy Spread Tactic# 4: Multiple Landing Options

Canada geese like the opportunity of several different landing zones as they approach your spread.  A decoy spread such as a “U” or “V” can be effective but the disadvantage is these spreads really only provide one spot for the geese to land which is not the best for late season goose hunting.


This means that if there is something they do not like about the landing zone they are likely to flare off and you will probably not get any close shooting opportunities.


However, this late season goose decoy spread provides a multitude of landing zones for the geese to choose from.


In front of the hunters you provide somewhat of a rectangle landing zone that will give excellent shooting opportunities when geese decide to land there.


However, you also have several other smaller openings throughout the spread where smaller flocks of geese may elect to land.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for one of the best late season goose decoy spreads this could be a great one for you to try because this spread is so large that it should work well in pulling in those big migrating flocks as well as keeping you hidden from their sight.


I hope that this late season goose spread is effective for you and that you are able to get several limits of geese using this strategy.


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