Attention Grabbing Techniques for Ducks and Geese

What are the best attention grabbing techniques for ducks and geese?

Have you ever had challenges of getting ducks or geese to pay any attention to your decoys?


Have you watched birds lock into neighboring fields or bodies of water without giving a 2nd look at your decoys?


These situations have happened to me as well.  The good news is there are several ways to get ducks and geese to come to your decoy spreads.


4 Methods to Get Attention of Ducks and Geese

  1. Flagging
  2. Spinning Wing Decoys/Motion Decoys
  3. Flapping Wing Decoys
  4. Jerk Strings


Tip 1: Flagging

Goose FlagFlags for ducks and geese are poles that have fabric or plastic imitation wings on the ends which mimic the look of a real goose or duck wings with the motion landing or taking off.  You simply use your arm to flap the flags up and down at a 45 degree angle.


Although more commonly used for geese, flagging can be effective for ducks as well.  How you are setup will determine how you flag.  If you are hunting from layout blinds, many of these blinds have a designed hole on the side that allows you to grab and flap the flag without having the top of the blind open.


If you are hunting from standing corn or other crops you can actually come out of the corn and walk around in your decoy spread to flag.


You only want to do this when the ducks or geese are at a distance so they don’t make you out but it can be a good strategy to catch their attention from a distance and then you can retreat to your hiding spot.


Tip 2: Spinning Wing Decoys/Motion Decoys

Spinning wing decoys are also commonly referred to as motion duck decoys, motion goose decoys and mojo decoys. These types of motion decoys are usually battery powered decoys or wind motion decoys.  The battery operated motion decoys usually have a remote control for the hunter to turn them on and off as needed.


Spinning wing decoys are very common for duck hunting. Although I have never personally owned a motion duck decoy I have been with on trips where others have used them.  In fact, I once went on a pigeon hunting trip where we used a motion duck decoy effectively to pull in pigeons using the decoy motion.


Sometimes a duck decoy motion system or goose decoy motion system is used for motion decoys  There are a variety of motion systems but some have decoys on the ends and spin in circles that gives the decoys motion and look like a group of birds landing.


Also, a homemade motion duck decoy is possible.  I have seen a few videos on YouTube where people have made a motion duck decoy by cutting the top off a duck decoy and placing a vibrating dog toy in the inside.  Do YouTube searches for homemade motion duck decoys to see what I am talking about.


Tip 3: Flapping Wing Decoys

Flapper decoys are similar to spinning wing and motion decoys in the sense that the decoy creates motion to imitate the look of ducks or geese.


Flapping goose decoys and flapping duck decoys make a birds flapping wing look such as the wings going up and down when a goose is on the ground.  These do not spin in circles, but rather stretch out and move up and down.


Although these are very effective they are typically a more expensive decoy to buy.  Flapping wing goose decoys and flapping wing duck decoys can easily cost $100 or more for a single flapping wing decoy.


Tip 4: Jerk Strings

Jerk StringAnother way that you can get create motion with decoys is jerk strings.  Using decoys on a jerk string for duck hunting is very common and it is sometimes used when hunting for geese.


When you pull on the decoy jerk string the decoys create motion in the water that looks like the ducks or geese are moving back and forth in the water, similar to how they would in real life.


With a jerk string decoy you can hide from distance as long as you have a long enough decoy jerk string.  Again, these are just another great option to add motion to your decoys, particularly using a jerk string for duck hunting.


Final Thoughts

If you are having issues in pulling in ducks or geese it might be time to try something additional to get their attention.  We covered jerk strings, flapping wing decoys, spinning wing decoys/motion decoys and flagging all as options to use.  Try giving them a shot the next time you are out hunting and see if it makes a difference on how many birds you are able to pull in.