10 Easy Gift Ideas Every Duck Hunter Will Love

Want to get the perfect gift for a duck hunter in your life but have no idea what to get them? Here are 10 super easy gifts that all duck hunters will love. Best of all these gifts are all under $50!

1. 12 Slot Decoy Bags

Keeping duck decoys looking great is essential to having a successful hunt. Also, decoys are super expensive so every duck hunter wants to keep their decoys safe and secure while they carry them to their hunting spot. The DecoyPro 12 slot decoy bag is the perfect decoy bag for every duck hunter.

2. Game Straps

It can be challenging to carry a ton ducks along gear after a successful duck hunt. However, with a game strap like this your hunter can easily carry many ducks while keeping their hands free to carry the rest of their hunting gear.

3. Camouflage Face Mask

Concealment is essential for any duck hunter. They must keep out of the sight of ducks in order to be successful so a camouflage face mask their face will remain hidden from approaching ducks. Here is a nice camouflage face mask that will make concealment a breeze.

4. Duck Call Lanyards

Most duck hunters have at least 1 duck call but many have several duck calls and probably a goose call as well. A duck call lanyard like this is perfect because it will carry multiple calls and best of all they can wear it on their neck so they have quick access to each call.

5. Blind Bags

Duck hunters have a ton of stuff to carry to their favorite hunting spot. With a blind bag they can easily carry shells, earplugs, snacks, duck calls and a ton of other items

6. Floating Duck Decoys

Decoys are an essential item that every duck hunter needs. The majority of duck hunting is done over water and these floating duck decoys are an affordable style that can help your duck hunter start or expand their decoy collection.

7. Decoy Line

When getting duck decoys ready for use a duck hunter will also need some decoy line. They use this to keep their decoys in place while duck hunting. Here is some decoy line that is highly rated. Also, to go with their decoy line they will need decoy crimps like this to secure the decoy line to the decoys.

8. Mesh Decoy Bags

A ton of duck hunters use mesh decoy bags to carry their decoys and other hunting items like life jackets. This 2 pack of mesh decoy bags will make life easy for your favorite duck hunter.

9. Marsh Stool

Marsh stools make for a simple way that duck hunters can sit comfortably while they wait for ducks.  Essentially a marsh stool is a padded seat on a pole that can be pushed into the mud or ground.  They are quick to setup and work in nearly every hunting situation.  Here is a fair priced one you can check out.

10. Decoy Gloves

Decoy gloves are tool that duck hunters can use when putting their duck decoys in the water. If a duck hunters hands get wet it can make for cold and miserable hunt. However, with waterproof decoy gloves your hunter can keep their hands dry and warm. Check out this highly rated pair here.


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