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Decoy 101

Duck and goose decoys can add a great level of success to your waterfowl hunting if used properly. Not only do decoys add to your level of hunting success but there can be a high level of personal satisfaction knowing that the decoys you used and setup fooled real waterfowl.

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Duck Decoys

Are you ready for duck hunting success?  Great news!  I have put together everything you need in order to hunt ducks with duck decoy diagrams, duck hunting strategies and decoy tips.  In addition, I provide you my proven methods to buy duck decoys cheap.

Regardless if you are just getting started with duck hunting or if you have been duck hunting for years, I’m sure you will find my resources helpful as you work limit out each duck hunting trip.

What are some of the most important tips for duck hunting?

  • How wind direction impacts duck decoying
  • Proper duck decoy spread size
  • How far apart to set your duck decoys
  • Concealing yourself from ducks with blinds and natural cover
  • How to buy new and used duck decoys cheap
  • Getting permission to hunt private property


I will also help you understand the different types of decoys you can use for duck hunting.  As an example, spinning wing decoys are an incredible decoy to add to your duck decoy spread.  Spinning wing decoys can help attract passing by ducks into shooting range.

Why waste any more time or money before checking out these resources?  So many people have spent years of failing to bag ducks as they learn the basics.  Fortunately, I have complied tons of resources to help accelerate you to duck hunting success.  

So what are you waiting for? Download the duck app now!

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Goose Decoys

Time to bag some honkers!  Let me give you incredible resources that will help you in bagging more geese right now.  

Geese are some of the most challenging waterfowl to hunt but I am here to help.  The good news is with my easy to understand goose decoy tips and goose decoy diagrams you can quickly improve your goose hunting success.  For example, did you know that geese like to land into the wind?   

What factors impact goose hunting success?

  • Proper goose decoy spread size
  • Goose decoy body positions
  • Best field types for goose hunting
  • How geese use wind for landing
  • Waterfowl layout blinds
  • Best time of day to hunt geese


I truly wish that these resources would have been available for me when I started goose hunting.  These tips would have saved me so much time, frustration, and money.  Let me share with you what I learned through diligent research and trial and error.

So what are you waiting for? Download the goose app now!

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Pro Tip #2

Confidence decoys can help improve your hunting success. Confidence decoys are decoys of other birds that you mix in with your decoy spread including ducks, geese, sandhill cranes and coots. For example, if you are duck hunting, it can help to add a few goose decoys to your spread as this can add a level of comfort to the approaching ducks. Simply add a half dozen geese decoys on the edges of your spread and you will be set. Read more »


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DecoyPro Resources

As a way to make it easier for you to have all of the resources that I have found helpful for successful waterfowl hunting success I have put together this page with my recommended gear and goods. All of these resources I have either personally used or have done extensive research on regarding their benefits and feel comfortable recommending to you.

Duck Decoy Setup Made Simple

"Duck Decoy Setup Made Simple" contains step by step instructions for successful duck decoy setup .

Goose Decoy Setup Made Simple

Learn how to successfully setup decoys for goose hunting success even If you have no goose hunting experience.

Snow Goose Decoy Setup Made Simple

"Snow Goose Decoy Setup Made Simple" contains step by step instructions for your snow goose hunting success.

Cheap Decoys the Smart Way

Learn how to buy decoys without emptying your wallet.

Hi! I'm Scott.

Times have changed and it is no longer common for hunting tips to be passed down from generation from generation. This means that people looking at getting into waterfowl hunting are forced to learn through trial and error rather than first hand expert knowledge.

Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration, wasted time, wasted money and people quitting before they experience the satisfaction of duck and goose hunting success. This is why I created DecoyPro so that I could help you with actionable and easy to understand waterfowl hunting tips to so you can achieve waterfowl hunting success fast.

My name is Scott and I am pictured here with my daughter Isabelle on her first duck hunting trip at 5 years old. It is my goal to share my successes (and some failures) with you so that you too can bag more waterfowl with your friends and family.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!